Water supply systems


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Water filtration systems


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Power supply systems


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GROUP KIT will participate in the International Exhibition AQUA-THERM Moscow 2016.
Technologies such as combined heat and power and biomass boilers should not be regarded as distractions to ensuring that the gas-fired boiler plant that is still required operates as part of an efficient system — even before other technologies are added.

KIT Group

KIT Group is one of the key players in the Russian market that provides engineering equipment for homes.

The first company of the KIT Group was founded in 2006. It dealt with a wide range of domestic engineering equipment. It was later divided into smaller companies, each having their own separate areas. 

Today we offer our customers an extensive selection of equipment for water supply, heating, filtration, and electrical power supply from top manufacturing companies in Europe and South-East Asia. We only use leading suppliers for our products.

Our policy is:

Only well known and proven suppliers, only modern and advanced technology, only effective and relevant solutions produce excellent quality products!

For many years manufacturers and our partners have known us to be a proven, reliable, and consistent Russian distributor among the leaders of the Russian market for domestic engineering equipment. Our strong and direct communication channels with our suppliers provide us with guaranteed availability of products in our warehouse, a high level of quality and service, a high marginality of goods with a perfect combination of ‘price and quality’ – the sum of these qualities is what our Russian partners value so much.

We offer all of these advantages to Russian consumers in our own line of products. A professional team of technicians and experts in marketing of KIT Group always follow global trends and professionally evaluate new technological innovations. We always bring the best to the Russian market, offering new solutions that surpass the current needs and make our clients look at the future of engineering equipment from a different point of view – this is without a doubt the key to our lasting leadership.

We pay special attention to the quality of the products that we offer under our brand. On a regular basis we visit the production facilities of our suppliers and check how strictly they follow ethical principles in their work. In our laboratories we constantly test a wide range of our products, including the quality of their individual components. This gives us confidence that working with our suppliers will match the corporate objectives of KIT Group.

Today KIT Group is confident in the future. We constantly analyze the market and create long-term development strategies while at the same time enlarging our business and protecting the business of our partners. The annual growth of KIT Group is not only in sophisticated and popular equipment, new brands, solutions, and technologies; it is also in creating a new vision, in strengthening of positions and influence on key market segments - and of course in the desire to be first under any circumstances.