About group

Today KIT Group is a holding company that controls its own distribution networks in Russia and Ukraine and also works with foreign OEM manufacturers that supply products under our brands.

Currently the Group is operating in four areas:

  1. Products for water supply systems 
  2. Products for water filtration systems 
  3. Products for electrical power systems 

KIT Group highly values the trust of its partners and customers and does its best to offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation, consistent product quality, and effective technical solutions. Today the group aims to outpace the market growth of domestic engineering equipment, actively generate new technical ideas, and to create innovative solutions for the market.

Due to our long established ties with foreign manufacturers of our products we have numerous advantages when working with our partners in the domestic market. This allows us to offer the most favorable conditions and find the most attractive solutions for use in specific regions. We can deal with the most demanding and unusual situations of the market.

The fast growth and stability of KIT Group companies became possible through a number of strategic objectives that helped to significantly expand the sales area and also helped to create new products more adapted to market needs. This allowed these products to be more available and convenient for customers all around Russia.

Aiming to offer its clients products of the highest quality and wide range of services, KIT Group carries out certification assessments of the equipment it delivers. Our specialists have established assessment methods based on international standards and requirements of Russian law. In many cases the margin of safety and viability of our equipment significantly exceeds the norm.