Water filtration systems

Water filtration systems offered by KIT Group under the AQUAKIT brand are designed primarily for stand-alone water filtration in apartments and private homes. AQUAKIT products and solutions are an ideal option in arranging such systems. A wide spectrum of specifications and the reliable time-proven quality of our products can satisfy the most demanding taste and diverse design ideas when people are building their own houses or reconstructing existing systems.

The creation of AQUAKIT brand is a result of many years of work of our employees in the field of water treatment. Since 2006 we have been carefully and consistently collecting information and developing knowledge in order to meet the needs of the Russian market.

Today we offer the following groups of AQUAKIT products for water filtration systems:

  • In-line filters and flasks of different sizes to purify hot and cold water
  • Various types of filter elements (cartridges) for different types of water purification
  • Simple multistage filtration systems based on flasks
  • Water purification systems based on ultra-filtration principles
  • Water purification systems based on reverse osmosis principles
  • Complex filtration systems for private homes with high performance
  • Various elements and accessories for water filtration systems

The complete line of AQUAKIT products can be found at www.aquakit.su