Working principles

HONESTY We deal with ENGINEERING PRODUCTS. Apart from its technical complexity, engineering equipment should be correctly installed and properly maintained during use. Anytime there is a sudden problem with our equipment during operation we thoroughly analyze this problem. If the reason of the problem is a defect of the product itself we not only honestly and openly admit and compensate for the loss, but we also carefully study the causes of the defect and conduct a detailed negotiation process with our suppliers and manufacturers so that such a problem does not occur in the future. It is a constant process and it helps us to promptly and effectively improve our products all the time, even when we are not their direct manufacturers.

FRANKNESS We sell products produced in Russia and Europe, as well as in South-Eastern Asia – in China and South Korea. We don’t hide the fact that we have Chinese products. We openly and directly admit to it, unlike many others players in this market who often try to pass Chinese products (often of low quality) off as ‘Made in Europe’. We frankly indicate the Chinese manufacturer, who produces the product for us under our brand, because these manufacturers are among the best in China.

EFFICIENCY We always deal with issues of our product quality as quickly as possible. We are also among the first who introduce innovations, outstanding solutions, and products to our field.

SCRUTINY IN DETAILS There are no details too small in our business. We never ignore the opinion of our clients or the feedback about our products from the end-users. Accuracy and responsibility are the cornerstone and the key to our progress.

FLEXIBILITY Flexible responses to the changing market and the variety of customer requirements is one of our principles. Specialists of KIT Group are ready to help their clients choose the products which will most properly meet their needs, as well as the realities of the market. At the same time we guarantee consistent quality proven over time.

PARTNERSHIP To build a trusted partnership is only halfway to success. In just a few years in this market we have established relationships with dozens of companies - large, medium, and small ones. All of our long-term clients and partners are our friends! We always strive to justify the confidence of our friends.

CONSISTENCY The universal factor of success in our programs is the consistency of our actions. We don’t offer new products and solutions to our clients before we ourselves have verified their effectiveness and profitability. With this in mind, we thoroughly study new technologies and the market situation. We always offer the right solutions at the right time.

RANGE OF PRODUCTS An extensive selection of constantly updated products gives us the opportunity to select products that will most accurately meet the customer’s requirements with the highest economic benefit. Our work is based on the delivery of high-tech products and providing professional assistance in making balanced decisions on a course of action for a particular purpose. This ensures the best price-quality ratio for the customer.